Apple Tree Apartments; creative Architecture at its best

Imagine waking up to the roar of Lions fighting to grab the choicest morsel of flesh from a Buffalo kill. What of the feeling of walking to your balcony only to be greeted with the sight of a herd of gazelles grazing on some green pasture. Such is the offing with Apple Tree Apartments, an upcoming residential complex on the periphery of Syokimau, touching the metre gauge and standard gauge railways.

If you are a frequent user of Mombasa Road, you might miss the wonderful sight of this complex which is redefining the skyline in Syokimau. Set on 2 acres of land and developed by Chinese investors, Acme Wanji Investments Ltd, Apple Tree apartments should definitely be on your shortlist if you’re on the lookout for an apartment for whatever reason.

After visiting the property, I was struck by the exquisite finishes and large windows that allow natural light to work out the ambience in the homes. The balconies are also humongous by Kenyan standards, perhaps a profound foresight by the developer that a lot of time will be spent by residents looking over the Nairobi National Park.

Apple Tree is a complex of 156 homes of 2,3,4 and 5 bedroomed apartments (all en-suite) with a domestic servant quarters (dsq). The 3 bedroomed apartments have a different layout depending on which side of the park you’re facing. The apartments facing the park directly have huge balconies and their kitchens are open plan, which means you can literally be cooking, watching news and admiring wildlife at the same time. The dsq (which is en-suite) has also been cleverly hidden. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when it’s pointed out to you.

I mentioned the quality of finishes earlier but they deserve another mention. Most of the tiling detail is white but the texture of the tiles does not feel ceramic. The floor tiling of the living rooms and kitchens is a glossy polished kind which reflects light quite well leaving a feeling of warmth and roominess. The white detail makes the house look bigger than it already is. The bedrooms are fitted with wooden tiling and sliding wardrobes. As a Kenyan, the disappointment I have is that the finishes used are mostly imported. In fact the only evidence of anything locally sourced are the construction workers.

One may ask, where is the quality of life in living in an apartment complex of 156 homes strewn over a compound of only two acres? Is it not a glorified slum? For a long time, those were my thoughts since I live in the locality. However, could the following creature comforts change your mind? A suspended swimming pool (with baby pool), a fully fitted gym, a basketball court, a child amusement park, 161 parking spaces, biometric security, green spaces, shopping complex etc. The way the developer has realized these amenities and mixed space and nature is a powerful reminder of the possibilities of Architecture. This creative mish-mash is something you have to see to believe. Words fail me.

The developer has also built a cabro paved road from Mombasa Highway to make sure your visit to their property is not nuanced by a bumpy ride. Just in case you’re on the lookout for a real estate investment along Mombasa road and would like to check out Apple Tree, just be on the lookout for Luqman Petrol Station. The entrance is just meters from that fuel station. Once you get to the cabro, just look for the tallest building under construction with a yellow crane at the top. You can also call me on 0755625416 just in case you can’t find your way there.

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